MONTREAL -- Montrealers are in for a dicey drive this Friday as the city prepares for its first measurable snow of the season.

A low moving up from the United States is expected to bring light rain into Southwestern Quebec Thursday night. As temperatures drop during the day on Friday, light rain will change over to snow.

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Montreal could see upwards of 5 centimetres of accumulation and the timing could cause road delays. The snow is expected to fall during the Friday afternoon rush hour which is traditionally the busiest of the week.

The snowfall also comes just days ahead of the winter tire deadline, Dec. 1. 

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Simon Legault, from Environment and Climate Change Canada, is advising motorists to keep an eye on the forecast for Friday and to plan their commute accordingly.

"We are not expecting a snowstorm but the first 'real snowfall' of the season always brings challenges and traffic jams," he said.

He is also warning that areas north of Montreal could see some patchy freezing drizzle on Friday morning which could make roads slippery.

Montreal could see a few additional flurries into Saturday and the light snow that does fall should stick around. Temperatures are expected to stay below the freezing mark beginning Saturday and are forecast to stay below freezing through all of next week.