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Montreal didn't make CAA-Quebec's 10 worst roads list


CAA-Quebec has released its 2024 list of the worst roads in the province -- and Montreal failed to make the top 10.

"It's not because Montreal has nice roads," said David Marcille, a spokesperson for CAA-Quebec. "There's a lot of construction happening everywhere in this city... This campaign is more of a fun tool we give citizens to really talk about infrastructure."

He muses Montreal probably didn't make the top 10 list simply because people in the metropolis are less likely to cast a vote in such a survey.

"We've had years and years of neglect. Infrastructure has not been properly maintained," he said. "We see it with all the construction there is. To give you an idea, if we wanted to really have a perfect road infrastructure everywhere in the province, we would have to spend more than $20 billion tomorrow."

He notes some cities purposely wait for CAA-Quebec's list in order to know which streets to prioritize.

"The goal also of this campaign is to really have citizens report potholes to their city," said Marcille. "It's really a bit of education because how can a city fix a road if they don't know where the potholes are located."

Here are the 10 worst roads of 2024, as voted by Quebecers:

  1. Route 329 (MTMD) in Saint-Adolphe-d’Howard (Laurentides)
  2. du Contour-du-Lac-à-Beauce Road in La Tuque (Mauricie)
  3. Pink Road in Gatineau (Outaouais)
  4. Notch Road in Chelsea (Outaouais)
  5. Albiny-Paquette Boulevard in Mont-Laurier (Laurentides)
  6. des Mille-Isles Road in Mille-Isles (Laurentides)
  7. Val-des-Lacs Road in Sainte-Sophie (Laurentides)
  8. Édouard-Roy Road in Sherbrooke (Estrie)
  9. Klock Road in Gatineau (Outaouais)
  10. Route 321 (MTMD) – de l’Ascension Road in l’Ascension (Laurentides)

When broken down by region, these are the streets Quebecers named as the worst in Montreal:

  • Notre-Dame Street Est
  • Christophe-Colomb Avenue
  • Sherbrooke Street Est
  • de l’Acadie Boulevard 
  • Rosemont Boulevard 
  • Jean-Talon Street Ouest
  • Notre-Dame Street Ouest

The only region that didn't receive any votes was the Nord-du-Québec. Top Stories

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