MONTREAL -- Daycares in Quebec’s COVID-19 hot spots, including Montreal, have permission to increase their capacity soon.

But does that really mean more kids will come back? Many say no—some daycares haven’t even hit the 50 per cent capacity they’re currently allowed.

They’re not banking on a big change now that they’re allowed to have 75 per cent of the usual capacity.

“The parents that brought back their kids, mostly, are parents that needed to go back to work,” says Carolina Cerpa, an educator at CPE Kiri.

“I think that those that could keep them at home did.”

Others also have the sense of having maxed out the current demand, which means coming to terms with the economic reality of the next few months.

Logistically, it’s hard enough having 50 per cent of the usual group, they added, since they spend a huge part of the day disinfecting toys and surfaces.

Watch Gabrielle Fahmy’s full report in the video above about Montreal daycares.