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Watch: Man in Quebec town chased by menacing wild turkey, city warns of others


On Tuesday morning, a man in Louiseville, Quebec learned that the warning the municipality gave about dangerous turkeys was no joke.

Video captured the man throwing snow at a wild turkey that was blocking an entrance in the town an hour northeast of Montreal.

The turkey took exception and chased the man around his vehicle before following him into the yard.

"It was really funny," said Elaine Mineau, who shot the video and confirmed that the turkey did not hurt the man.

She added that the city is reporting five of the birds roaming town.

The City of Louiseville said that a wildlife officer has been assigned to the case and that people should avoid the birds.

"We kindly ask you not to throw food on the ground in order to feed birds or squirrels since turkeys do feed on it and it might attract them," the city wrote on its Facebook page. "We most seriously ask you not to approach or try to shoo them away." Top Stories

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