MONTREAL - A Mexican woman whose claim for refugee status has been denied should finally be leaving Canada today.

Paola Ortiz, 31, came to Canada five years ago claiming she was a victim of domestic abuse.

On Thursday evening about 60 people demonstrated on her behalf outside Immigration Canada offices at Complexe Guy Favreau in downtown Montreal, and made a public plea with Immigration Minister Jason Kenney to intervene on Ortiz's behalf.

Immigration Canada ruled that spousal abuse was not valid grounds for granting refugee status one year after her arrival in this country.

Last week a judge ordered her deported as soon as possible, and on Tuesday Ortiz was taken to Trudeau airport where she had a panic attack and collapsed before boarding a plane.

She was taken to hospital and treated, and is now once again about to be deported.

Ortiz is now married to a Canadian citizen and has two children, four and two years old.