MONTREAL - Paola Ortiz is fighting for the chance to remain in Canada.

On Monday she will find out whether she will be deported back to Mexico after five years in Canada.

Ortiz came to Canada and filed for refugee status, claiming that she had suffered spousal abuse. She said that she fears for her life if she's forced to return.

Additionally, her two-year-old child Kinnich apparently has autism and her four year old requires surgery for ear infections.

"My daughter told me she doesn't want the men to take me away, she can tell I am afraid," said Ortiz, in Spanish.

Her lawyer is fighting vigorously against her deportation.

"We're against violence against women," said Stewart Istvanffy.

"This is a country that has tried to make equality for women one of its principles. How can we treat these Mexican women this way and send them back to a place where there really is no protection?" he asked.