The biggest indoor amusement park in eastern Canada is about to get a major makeover.

Les Galeries de la Capitale in Quebec City is investing $52 million to upgrade its Mega Parc.

"For us, tourism is very important and that's why we keep investing in the park," said Les Galeries de la Capitale director Stephan Landry. 

Work begins Sept. 5 to upgrade the indoor amusement park that’s nearly 30-years-old and unique in Quebec and eastern Canada. It's part of a renovation of the mall as a whole. 

"We are redoing all the mall for the past 24 months," said Landry. "The park will very soon be 30-years-old, so now we are very, very happy to announce that big investment."

Mega Parc is the second largest in Canada after the West Edmonton Mall.

The aim of the renovation is to modernize the park, but also that look back to the past. To that end, it will have an industrial revolution theme reflected in the design of the rides, one that Mega Parc director Jean Pelletier called "retro-futuristic."

"It's related to the past, but you can project yourself into the future," he said.

There is currently a large skating rink at the centre of the park, but that will change – the skating rink will be transformed into a skating trail that rings around the space to allow for more rides and activities.

“We will have 18 rides. We’re going to keep some old rides like the carousel or the roller coaster, because they have been and are still very popular,” said Pelletier.

The goal is to complete the renovation within 15 months.