A coalition of unions, community organizations and student groups gathered in Park Extension Wednesday evening to mark International Workers Day, also known as May Day.

It was one of many rallies being held around the world.

The coalition is calling for a more united and greener Quebec. The goal of the rally is to “remind our elected officials of the Quebec we want. A society in which workers can live with dignity where the poor are not left behind and who is concerned about the future of their children, " said community group spokesperson Mélanie Gauvin is a news release.

The group said that fighting climate change must be a priority, and that workers must also be part of the solution.

“The industry needs to change its habits, but it will not happen if the workers are not involved, so we need to involve the workers,” said spokesperson Marc-Édouard Joubert.

Joubert called for retraining for those currently working in fields that are not part of a greener future.

“The workers don’t want to all lose their jobs at once. They want to be made aware of what’s coming and have a chance to move to other industries that are less pollutant.”

Anti-capitalist rallies hit Montreal streets

Meantime, two other groups held simultaneous anti-capitalist rallies in downtown Montreal Wednesday evening. One began at Cabot Square, the other at Phillips Square. They say they are opposed to the imperialist bourgeoisie and the banking system, and want to confront Canadian imperialism.

As of 7 p.m., a group of about 300 protesters marched along Atwater Ave. as part of the protest. Smoke bombs and firecrackers were thrown, and windows were smashed en route.

Police arrested five people for what they described as "multiple criminal acts" and handed out multiple tickets for vandalism and mischief, such as breaking windows.

Officers used tear gas to break up the protest after demonstrators set a dumpster on fire and a fence onto a street.

Police asked people to disperse as of 7:45 p.m., saying they were conducting a "targeted intervention." They warned people to avoid the the Saint-Antoine/Atwater area.