MONTREAL - The Parti Quebecois and Liberals are tied with 35 per cent support in Quebec, according to a CROP poll released Wednesday, but the PQ’s 18-point lead among francophones would likely be enough to allow them to form either a minority or majority government.

The CAQ has about 16 per cent support, while Quebec Solidaire has 10 percent and the Option Nationale has 3 per cent.

Among francophones the PQ has 42 per cent support versus 24 percent for the Liberals, while the CAQ is the choice of 19 per cent of francophones.

Earlier this week a Leger poll gave 36 per cent to the PQ, 33 to the Liberals and 17 to the CAQ.

When it comes to the Charter of Values, 49 per cent said they were in favour, while 40 per cent were against, with much of the support for the secularism legislation coming from francophones.

The survey indicated that over 60 per cent would vote against sovereignty today, while 39 per cent would vote in favour.

On the federal level, 40 per cent said that they would vote Liberal, 28 per cent for the NDP and 17 per cent for the Bloc and just 10 per cent for the Conservatives.