After years of planning and months of painting, the Leonard Cohen mural on Crescent St. is officially complete.

On the anniversary of Cohen’s death, the 1,022 square-metre painting was inaugurated.

Cohen approved the idea before he died.

“They have captured the heart, soul, the intelligence, the humility of Leonard. I’m certain he would approve were he here,” said his longtime friend and agent Michael Kory.

American artist El Mac and Montrealer Gene Pendon collaborated on the mural for months with creative team MU.

This portrait is based on a 2008 photo taken by Cohen’s daughter Lorca, proving for an emotional unveiling.

“This is taken on Crescent Street,” said MU artistic director Elizabeth-Ann Doyle. “It’s field commander Cohen 1979 with the museum in the background. He hung out here because it's very cool.”

“Leonard wanted his tribute to be in Montreal and admirers and lovers of his work felt the same way,” said family friend Rubin Fogel.