MONTREAL - Laval police are seeking the public's help in finding a suspect in the thefts of several poppy campaign donation boxes.

Police say the man pictured at left in the above photo stole several of the boxes, which raise funds for the Royal Canadian Legion, from several Tim Hortons resturants in Laval.

They suspect the man stole at least five boxes from three different resturants on Oct. 25. His approach, police say, was to place an order and then discreetly walk away with the boxes, which police estimate contained as much as $2,000.

Police say the suspect is white and is around 25 to 30 years old. He has dark, slightly thinning hair. At the time of the alleged thefts, he was wearing a dark coat with a logo on the left side, black-and-beige gloves and had a pair of sunglasses propped on his head.

Police are asking anyone with information on the suspect or his whereabouts to call 911 or 450-662-4636 and mention that they have information on file LVL 191029 089. Information may be left anonymously and in confidence.