MONTREAL –Amusement-park enthusiasts dashed through La Ronde’s gates Saturday to become the first of the season to ride La Ronde’s rollercoasters and thrill rides.

The Montreal amusement park launched its 47th season. Operated by American company Six Flags, La Ronde will be open on weekends only until June 2, then daily from June 5, save for a few exceptions.

Tens of thousands of fans head through La Ronde’s gates each year, though management won’t disclose the exact number. More than 1,500 employees, mostly students, work at La Ronde.

The amusement park will feature another new ride this season called Aqua Twist. It includes six passengers, each armed with a water gun, allowing them to spray not only passengers but also other boats passing round the ring. Water cannons are also placed around the ring to spray passengers.


With a report from La Presse Canadienne