MONTREAL—Valentina Tenti, an expert witness from Milan, wrapped up her testimony on Wednesday morning at Quebec’s Charbonneau Commission. Tenti answered questions and spoke for two days about the Mafia’s history, power and structure.

A post-doctoral researcher into organized crime, the Italian academic explained how the mob infiltrates both small and large businesses. She also gave examples of how the Italian police managed to crack down on the Mafia.

“I know that she’s exposed the history of the Mafia in Italy,” said Denis Houle, a lawyer representing the association of road builders who got to cross-examine Tenti.

“But it’s clear that when someone is trying to write a thesis that they can’t answer immediately on what is going on in Quebec.”

With the commission adjourning after the end of Tenti’s testimony, the panel will hear an expert from the York Regional Police on organized crime during Thursday’s hearing. An expert from the Surete du Quebec is expected to testify after.