MONTREAL -- Information on COVID-19 outbreaks in Quebec schools will soon be publicly available, according to Quebec premier Francois Legault.

"We have to verify the data, making sure that the numbers given by the service centres are in agreement with public health, that they all agree about those figures and to inform the population. It's important," he said.

Parents have been calling for publicly available information on school outbreaks, with one father going so far as to create his own website to complile outbreak information available from media reports.

The data should have started from the first day of the school year, said Kathy Korakakis of the English Parents' Committee Association.

"The first briefing the minister did, that should have been front and centre, that there would be updates and that we would know case by case, kind of like a portrait. And it really shouldn't be up to parents to scramble and put this stuff together," she said. 

It would help parents make informed decisions on whether or not they should be sending their children to school, she said, adding that she also hopes all information will be bilingual. 

"That way parents, all parents will have access to the information at the same time and be able to make their decisions," she said.