MONTREAL -- Kanien’kehá:ka (Mohawk) traditional dancer, singer and drummer Kawennotas Sedalia Fazio saw people across the globe singing during the COVID-19 pandemic, and wanted to bring her people’s song to the call for healing.

“This is for the healing of the people, healing of mother earth,” she said the video posted on Facebook before Fazio began her drum.

She spoke about why she decided to put the call out.

“I figured if we’re going to sing, we will do it with a purpose; to ask for healing,” said Fazio.

Fazio posted her song on her Facebook page Sunday afternoon, encouraging anyone else to sing their song.

Kanien’kehá:ka traditional dancer and drummer Barbara Diabo joined the song after Fazio’s call out.

“I dance and drum regularly to bring up our people and everyone,” she said. “To me, the drum touches everyone on a deep level because it helps reconnect us with our mother (earth). All cultures have a drum somewhere in their history or present, so I see that it connects us.”


Others from a diverse number of nations began singing and drumming, as well as playing flutes and guitars after Fazio put the call out.

Cree Vicky Boldo sang “Wildflower” after lighting sage, and recording a message of peace.

“I sing this for the women and the children I sing this for Mother Earth, for global healing and to bring peace into our hearts, bring peace into our minds. These are some pretty intense times, and I’m feeling pretty grateful that I can be out here at my house in the country,” she said from traditional Abenaki territory in the Eastern Townships.

Boldo said the drum has always been a part of her life, and she was happy to sing.

“The drum and the songs have been such an important part of my personal healing journey – the medicine in the songs, in the heartbeat of the drum,” said Boldo. “It’s grounding. Brings me peace, and that’s why I share. The vibration goes out far beyond our direct surroundings.”


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