MONTREAL -- Quebec singer Ginette Reno revealed Saturday in a social media post from her hospital room that she is struggling with a rare heart condition.

Reno was taken to hospital after fainting on Thursday. Since then, she says, she endured symptoms of what she called "a very rare disease." She did not say exactly what her condition was. 

"I am writing to you from my hospital room to reassure you that I am in many good hands," she said in her Saturday post. 

"Basically my heart had a blackout. I almost died," wrote the singer. "I want to tell you that I don't want to die. I still have so much to accomplish!"

She says she was admitted to Pierre-Boucher Hospital in Longueuil, where she says she'll remain until she's "fully on [her] feet and in good health."

She says her fainting episode, which brought her to hospital in the first place, resulted in a newfound appreciation for life.

"I just woke up to a new vision, a new understanding," she said. "I finally understood that each of us has a different fight, but it's almost always the same fight. I'm not alone anymore and I never will be."

"We are all linked to each other by this cord of love that exists within each of us."

In her statement, she thanked hospital and emergency staff by name, including a nod to Ricardo, her provided body guard.

"Don't get me wrong: he's not the same Ricardo," she said, in reference to the celebrity cook Ricardo Cuisine, on whose show she has appeared.

Reno's career has brought her international fame and recognition, producing more than 40 albums and compilations, not to mention the multiple distinctions and awards honouring her powerful and unique voice.

The singer released a new album of 14 tracks last May. According to the information available on her website, no tour dates or event appearances have been scheduled.