Hydro Quebec has yet to install its new smart meters, but they are already involved in controversy.

The crown corporation has ordered one of its subcontractors to immediately stop leasing space in a storage facility that is apparently owned and operated by the Rizzuto family.

Hydro Quebec learned of the lease on Monday evening, which came about when Hydro Quebec turned to a company called Capgemini Quebec to handle the installation and storage of 3.7 million new smart electrical meters.

In turn Capgemini hired Sologlobe to store the meters, and as it turns out, Sologlobe was renting space in a warehouse at 3601 Jarry St., which is ultimately owned by people with ties to the Rizzuto clan, including Maria Rizzuto, sister of reputed mafia boss Vito.

The head office of the numbered company that owns the warehouse is listed as being the same as the Lareto Funeral Home, which is owned by the Rizzuto family.

As soon as the report aired Hydro Quebec ordered Capgemini to immediately stop using the storage facility, but officials with Hydro Quebec would not comment further about the matter.

This past May Hydro Quebec announced a $350 million program to install smart meters at homes throughout Quebec by 2017.

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