A Westmount family was shocked when home renovations uncovered human remains.

The discovery was made last week when a contractor working in a home on Victoria Ave. opened the basement ceiling and something fell to the ground.

He told 98.5 FM radio about the grisly find.

"I thought at first that it was an animal, but at the end, when I looked closely, I saw it was a child," he said.

Montreal police officer Jean-Pierre Brabant said similar discoveries have been reported before.

"In the past we had calls like that but usually contractors are going to find money, guns, we've had bones, but usually they are going to belong to an animal," said Brabant.

The contractor said the remains were wrapped in newspaper.

He didn't see a date, but one of the articles offered a clue in mentioning Maurice Duplessis.

Duplessis was premier of Quebec in the late 1930s, then again from 1944 until 1959.

Montreal police homicide investigators have taken over the case and an autopsy will be performed on the body.

The current owners of the home have been very helpful.

"They're providing all the information for investigators to try to understand the past of that house and from there who the house belonged to in the past and who those bones belonged to," said Brabant.

Police say it could take up to a year to get lab results, and for them to learn what seems to have happened in this house at least 58 years ago.