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Habitat for Humanity building condos in Montreal's Lachine borough


Habitat for Humanity is building condos in Montreal's Lachine borough in an effort to alleviate the housing crisis.

Over 150 families applied to live in the six-unit residence on 7th Avenue, which, for now, is just an empty lot.

Only a select few were chosen.

"They must have a certain revenue, they must also come from a very difficult situation, in precarious conditions," explained Shirlane Day, executive director of Habitat for Humanity's Quebec branch.

She says the organization works with donors, foundations and construction companies to keep building costs low.

That allows Habitat for Humanity to provide its clients with a unique model for paying the mortgage:

"We provide them with a mortgage with no interest, and they can afford that house with no down payment," Day explained.

But while the families have no downpayment, they do have 500 hours of volunteer work to complete.

Catherine Lussier from housing group FRAPRU says these types of housing projects are great for families that have the means to afford a mortgage over time, but stresses that some people will never be able to own a home.

"We need to develop, quickly, more social housing if we want to answer the most urgent needs," she said, referring to tenants who are "at the line of homelessness."

Construction of Habitat for Humanity's condos is expected to be completed by the end of June. Top Stories

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