The Green Party announced its priorities for Quebec with the environment, predictably, topping the list as candidates hope to snag seats in the province.

"Well of course the biggest issue is climate change and the emergency of climate action," said deputy leader Daniel Green.

A week before the Montreal march against climate change Sept. 27, the party also said it wants to see major investment in infrastructure for renewable energy supporting Montreal's proposed pink metro line, and promising to modernize the rail system.

"When we talk about electrifying rail, and offering more rail transport, we're talking about looking at all these abandoned rail lines that can be repurposed to move people," said Green.

Recent floods and heatwaves have been linked to a warming planet, and the Green Party says the economy will continue to suffer if stronger measures aren't taken.

The party's platform also includes a guaranteed minimum income, national housing strategy, and more direct work with Indigenous communities.

"The federal government is responsible for First Nations, Inuit and Metis, and they seem to have abandoned them," said Green.

The Green Party has candidates in all ridings including Longueuil-Saint Hubert where former NDP MP Pierre Nantel is running for the Greens after being ousted by the NDP for expressing his support for Quebec sovereignty and Bill 21.

Nantel said the party is united on the most important issue.

"We need to get united on something that is so much more important," said Nantel. "The climate crisis is why people are walking in the streets."

The Greens have only ever held two seats in parliament. The party is hoping that number will increase Oct. 21.