Jean-Francois Lisée believes the Parti Quebecois "won the electoral campaign" even if it suffered a terrible defeat in the last provincial election.

The PQ won just 10 seats in the Oct. 1 election, and just 17 percent of the total votes cast -- the worst since the party's inaugural election when founder René Levesque won seven seats with 23 percent of the vote.

Lisée also became the second PQ leader in a row to lose their riding in an election.

Despite the poor showing, Lisée told journalists he did not believe he made any errors in the election campaign, citing his attack on Manon Massé during the third leaders' debate.

He said that pressuring Quebec Solidaire to reveal the nature of its leadership "avoided the worst" outcome possible.

Several hundred party executives spent Saturday examining the election campaign and what the party should do next to improve its electoral outcomes.

MNA Pascal Berubé is the interim leader of the PQ, and the party has yet to decide how it will choose its next leader.