A man from Cote-des-Neiges is on trial, suspected in the murder of a neighbour in 2014. 

The accused, 37-year-old Amalan Thandapanithesigar, came to Canada as Sri Lankan refugee.

The man who was killed, 40-year-old father of three Jeyarasan Manikarajah, was also from Sri Lanka.

The Crown says tensions had been simmering for weeks between the accused and the victim, who lived next to each other on Mountain Sights Ave.

According to the prosecution, the accused was convinced that the victim was flirting with his wife.

Manikarajah, who worked in a restaurant, was found bleeding to death in an alleyway in Cote-des-Neiges on June 23, 2014.

Thandapanithesigar was arrested soon after the attack.

An eyewitness testified that he heard Thandapanithesigar say, “I beat him up. I beat up (the victim). Go tell his wife.”

Another man testified by video from Sri Lanka, saying he heard the accused threatening the man, saying, “You fool around with my wife again, and I will kill you.”

After his arrest, Thandapanithesigar told police his goal was to scare the victim, not murder him.

Friday marks the last day witnesses for the prosecution will be heard.

The defence is set to start playing out its case on Monday, although it is so far unclear what their strategy will be.

The case is being held in front of a bilingual jury and an interpreter is also translating everything taking place inside the court into Tamil for the benefit of the accused.