MONTREAL - Erratic weather has forced many travelers to spend unexpected time in Montreal under less-than-ideal circumstances.

The major winter storm that slammed the East Coast of the United States and led to a reported 13 deaths also grounded 2,000 flights, including many launching from Montreal.

Though Montreal was spared the precipitation, many of those hoping to leave from Trudeau Airport found themselves stuck here against their will, as their flights were cancelled due to inclement conditions at their destinations.

The same storm went on to hit the Maritimes, where airports were also closed, leaving students like Erc Rae stranded here until conditions improve.

One Dalousie student was unable to return to Halifax from Calgary and as a result he’ll be lodging around Montreal until Monday.

“I actually called in to get my flights re-booked as soon as I got on the ground and they said the earliest they can book me in is Monday at 12. I would be in Halifax at 12 o'clock, which is after my first two classes have already finished,” said student Eric Rae.

Fellow traveler Alex Bailey said that he was more concerned about paying for hotel rooms.

“Honestly, classes start on Monday so I’m not hugely pressed. It’s fairly relaxed but with only 24 hours on the hotel voucher, I don’t want to have to start paying for my own hotels,” he told CTV from Trudeau Airport.

Some bus service was also cancelled, as Greyhound reported that its routes to Boston and back were would only resume once it had clearance from the US. Department of Transportation.