MONTREAL—Cote St-Luc’s opposition to Bill 14 has seen the municipality release an online video aimed at informing the public of the law’s possible effects on its bilingual status.

The Parti Quebecois is proposing Bill 14 in a bid to strengthen the province’s language laws. The revamped Bill 101 could lead to some municipalities, such as Cote St-Luc, losing their bilingual exemption.

Cote St-Luc posted the video on its website in a bid to encourage people to contact their MNAs and express their desire to keep things the way they are.

“We wanted to be able to convey to the public in a short and succinct way--and in a fun way--what bilingual status really meant,” Cote St-Luc Mayor Anthony Housefather said. “I want to make sure the MNAs continue to be bombarded with e-mails from people that are opposed to this part of Bill 14 or Bill 14 as a whole.”

Housefather and other suburban mayors have already made presentations to the government to preserve their bilingual status. They also have support from the provincial Liberals for their efforts, however the Coalition Avenir Quebec has expressed interest in modifying the law. Bill 14 hearings will take place on Apr. 9.

Bill 14’s reception has been mixed with the recent pastagate episode providing negative headlines worldwide.