A 45-year-old man was charged Tuesday with indignity to a dead body after his mother was found in an advanced state of decomposition over the weekend.

The discovery was made on Sunday when a janitor attempted to enter the apartment to conduct emergency repairs.

When the tenant opened his door the janitor smelled a very strong odour, and so he called police.

Officers then entered the apartment and discovered the body, believed to be the man's 85-year-old mother.

Marco Juric, 45, appeared in court to face the charges, which can including moving a body or abandoning it.

The charges stem from crimes police believe were committed between February 1 and April 1, meaning Hilda Juric Medica had died up to two months ago.

Neighbours said the elderly woman had been looking after her mentally disabled son for several years, and police suspect the mother may have died of natural causes, leaving her son unable to deal with the situation in the absence of other relatives.

Juric appeared very confused in court Tuesday. He is being examined by mental health professionals and will remain behind bars for the time being.