Days after Quebec’s legalization of medically assisted dying went into effect, a coalition of doctors is speaking out against the controversial law.

On Sunday, lawyers for the Coalition of Doctors for Social Justice held a press conference to denounce what they called mixed messages from the Quebec Ministry of Justice. The group alleges that Quebecers are not being made aware of their options, especially when it comes to palliative care, pain management and support.

They also allege that resources in those areas are lacking.

“The best medical practice is palliative care,” said Paul Saba, the coalition’s president. “The problem here in Quebec is that on average, 70 per cent don't have access. If they don't have access, can they make a real choice? The government insists that it is to be a free and informed choice.”

The coalition doctors also said there is a margin of error in diagnosing patients and some conditions can get better. They added that they will not be performing any procedures legalized by the law, nor will they refer their patients to doctors who will.

The law went into effect on Dec. 10 and a ruling from the Quebec Court of Appeal is expected on Dec. 18.