CHATEAUGUAY -- Despite a city-wide water ban, the City of Chateauguay announced Tuesday it will reopen its waterparks and continue construction of future facilities.

The water ban, which began on June 11, prohibits residents from washing their cars and filling their pools. Restrictions also apply to watering lawns. Residents may water their gardens, but it must be done manually.

In a post to the Chateauguay website announcing the reopening of waterparks, the city acknowledged the existing water ban, adding that the park’s splash pads are equipped with a timer to prevent water waste.

“This exceptional approach aims to allow young and old to cool off during heat waves,” read the post.

Even with the summer heat, not all residents are jumping at the chance to use the facilities while limiting their own water usage. 

Cory Bauer, who has lived in Chateauguay for the past eight years, says that if water can’t be freely used by residents, it shouldn’t be used for public recreation either.

“Our grass is dying, and plants as well," she said, "and the city is building and renovating a bunch of water parks."


Initially, water parks were also included in the water ban, but city officials changed their decision after a Monday night council meeting.

At the meeting, Chateauguay resident and father-of-three Maxime Cromp stepped forward and demanded the parks be reopened. After hearing him out, city officials complied.

“The simple fact of closing the water games shows the disconnection of the city from the children,” he told CTV, pointing out how children growing up in unairconditioned apartments have less access to recreation and fewer escapes from the heat.

“As a community, we must defend the most disadvantaged and make this city a welcoming city for families,” he said.

The city announced in April that it is investing $3.8 million for new water parks and new park play equipment. Construction is underway.

Existing water parks are now open from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m.

The City of Chateauguay has yet to reply to our request for comment.