Quebec's permanent anti-corruption squad (UPAC) launched a series of raids Thursday morning against several construction companies.

Officers said the searches are connected with last week's raids on the mayor of Laval's homes.

Investigators served a search warrant at 7 a.m. against Poly Excavation Inc. in Laval, and told CTV News they will be searching multiple locations throughout the day.

More than 70 officers are expected to search at least six buildings north of Montreal, all with links to construction firms.

The first company being searched, Poly Excavation, specializes in sewage and drain systems.

Business listings indicate the firm is owned by Gestion Leo Lefrancois Inc.

The senior executives of the small business, which employs less than 50 full-time employees, appear to all be members of the Lefrancois family.

Other companies being raided include Nepcon, Dufresne Asphalt, Construction Mergad, and two firms linked to Tony Accurso, namely Louisbourg Construction and Simard-Beaudry.

The companies being searched have won multiple construction contracts from the city of Laval.

Officers also confirmed that these raids are linked to the two which took place last week at Laval city hall and residences belonging to Laval mayor Gilles Vaillancourt.

“Raiding the city is one thing but when your raid the mayor's place, it’s because it’s serious now,” said Emilio Migliozzi of the Mouvement Lavalois.

Another resident interviewed by CTV Montreal expressed astonishment, but for a different reason than might be expected.

"It’s not a surprise. The surprise is that finally the police is doing something,” said Yves Boisvert.