MONTREAL - CAQ leader Francois Legault is blasting Premier Pauline Marois for suggesting that her Parti Quebecois government will likely abandon its efforts to get his party's support for a bill that would create further restrictions on languages other than French.

Legault said Saturday that some version of Bill 14 is necessary, as changes are needed to better integrate immigrants and to ensure that businesses with between 25 and 50 employees operate in French.

Legault said that PQ ministers Diane De Courcy and Jean-François Lisée both seem willing to make some of the concessions required to get the CAQ support required to give the bill a chance to pass.

Legault accused Marois of “lacking political courage” and said that her position is being dictated by language hardliners who refuse to see the bill watered down.

Legault acknowledged a recent five point rise in the polls for Marois and the Parti Quebecois, which he credited to the Lac Megantic crisis.

Leagult, whose numbers dipped, said that he is not worried, as he has learned that polls are a “roller coaster.”

-With a file from The Canadian Press