Veterinarians in Quebec say chocolate, prescription medication, and cannabis are the three main causes of dogs being poisoned and needing urgent medical treatment.

That's the result of a survey of veterinarians about their reasons for animals being treated at their establishments in 2017.

While the accidental ingestion of chocolate and prescription medicine have long been problems for dog owners, the rise of dogs consuming cannabis is something new.

Veterinarians said that cannabis was responsible for 18 percent of dog poisonings in 2017, and of 23 percent of hospitalization of dogs - with somewhere between 700 and 900 dogs affected last year.

Cats seem to be avoiding pot, with most felines being poisoned by eating toxic plants (59 percent), followed by eating prescription medicine, then insect or rat poison.

The survey was completed in February by 249 veterinarians at 150 offices, clinics, and animal hospitals throughout Quebec.