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Another Jewish group calls on Montreal's anti-racism commissioner to step down


Montreal's Jewish Community Council (JCC), which was firebombed on Monday, has called on the city's anti-racism commissioner to step down.

"Ms. Manaï does not have the credibility or the moral fibre to do the job. She should resign or be dismissed," wrote the JCC on social media.

Bochra Manaï is Montreal's Commissioner for the Fight against Racism and Systemic Discrimination. She was appointed in early 2021 as the first person to hold the post.

The JCC accused Manaï of not doing enough to condemn the rise of anti-Semitism in Montreal. Montreal police say they are investigating a series of suspected hate incidents in the city -- a type of crime that has spiked dramatically since Oct. 7 against both Jewish and Muslim centres.   

"A Molotov cocktail damaged our entranceway on Monday. Leaders from across the political spectrum spoke out against this horrific act, and many took the time to visit our premises to express sympathy and solidarity," read a statement the JCC posted to social media.

"At a time of increased tension in our city we need a Commissioner ... who is willing to stand up," the statement read. 

CTV reached out to the city and Manaï directly to respond.

"The Commissioner for the Fight against Racism and Systemic Discrimination, Bochra Manaï, is currently working to strengthen ties of trust with the Jewish and Muslim communities," a spokesperson for the city wrote in French.

"She meets with groups from all communities to listen and hear all voices," the statement continued. 

The JCC is not the first Jewish organization to call for her resignation. Weeks ago, the Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs (CIJA) asked her to step down after accusing her of being silent following attacks on Jewish institutions, including shootings at two Jewish schools in Montreal.

CIJA claimed her "silence" was problematic because she has been outspoken about her pro-Palestinian stances. Several Muslim groups condemned those calls for resignation shortly after, calling CIJA's move a form of "intimidation." Top Stories

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