It’s being called a world first in cardiology, and it could change the way doctors deal with clogged coronary arteries.

Dr. Stephane Rinfret, director of interventional cardiology, is using a new tool he believes is a game-changer. 

It’s a thin wire stimulated by an electric signal, creating a jackhammer movement that breaks through the blockage. 

“The revolution is a new mechanical force that is applied on the blockage that is not totally dependent on the skill and how the doctor manipulates the wire,” Rinfret said. 

In all, Rinfret has performed the intervention on three patients, and has a fourth scheduled next months. 

“We have in-hand something that deserves more study. We think we have something that definitely works,” he added. “You feel you’re at the beginning of maybe a new era.”

The tool is expected to be tested in the United States in the near future.