Montreal Mayor G�rald Tremblay is reaching out to residents across the island with the launch of an online consultation dubbed the "People's Forum".

The mayor says the web survey was created to allow Montrealers to communicate more easily with their elected representatives, and share their views on how the city can better meet their needs.

The launch comes ahead of municipal elections, scheduled to take place Nov. 1, 2009.

"It's going to have an influence on the decisions and the priorities that we will establish in our political platform," said Tremblay.

"I think that citizens will tell us exactly what they would like us to do and as a result of that, it's our responsibility to establish the priorities and try to find the necessary funds to answer their legitimate needs," he added.

The mayor is asking residents to "identify their priorities" based on seven themes: urban development, the environment, housing, transportation, sports and leisure, culture, and neighborhood life.

The initiative is described as a first for a Montreal-based municipal party.

"Union Montreal is facilitating the dialogue with Montrealers through a simple, modern and user-friendly tool," said Brenda Paris, president of the mayor's party.

The consultation will be available online from March 29 to April 30.