Bob Gainey is in Washington no doubt enjoying the fruits of his labour. The team he created this year is competing well so far against the mighty Caps. The team he basically let go in the last years and did not waste a dollar on is not competing at all, in almost every instance.

Gainey has taken so much heat for his moves, but here's the tale of the tape. You tell me if you might have judged him too harshly after seeing this list of players struggling as their skills diminish or not even getting the chance to struggle because their skills have already diminished. Ask yourself if Gainey's crystal ball wasn't better than you thought.

Here we go. Prepare to be astounded:

  • -Kovalev injured
  • -Koivu out
  • -Tanguay out
  • -Lang injured
  • -Latendresse out
  • -Higgins out
  • -Kostopoulos out
  • -D'Agostini out
  • -Brisebois retired
  • -Schneider healthy scratch first two games with Phoenix.
  • -Dandenault retired.
  • -Komisarek out.
  • -Begin with Boston.
  • -Bouillon with Nashville.
  • -Chipchura out.
  • -Janik minors.

Wow! What a list. Hold it. There's more:

  • -Streit out.
  • -Ryder in.
  • -Grabovski out.
  • -Huet back up in Chicago.
  • -Souray out.
  • -Mike Johnson retired.
  • -Rivet in.
  • -Samsonov out.
  • -Ribeiro out.

Oh and Guy Carbonneau's under 18 team isn't performing up to expectations yet either.

That's 25 players on that list and only four are contributing in the post season right now. That's a lot of players that didn't have it to make the playoffs or aren't needed when they get there, or in some cases injured which is not a criticism in itself, but the injured weren't playing that well anyway.

Oh by the way, twenty players Gainey did like enough to keep around during that remarkable off season overhaul, they all play tonight. Striking isn't it?

So while you're chiding Gainey for all you believe he didn't get right, flip that coin over and contemplate the myriad of moves that led the Habs to a playoff spot this season and a one game lead over the number one seed.

Remarkable isn't it how time is a good GMs good friend.