Activities on the Plains of Abraham in Quebec City may be disrupted due to a strike beginning Tuesday at midnight.

The union of National Battlefields Commission (NBC) employees announced Monday they sent a strike notice to their employer on Friday. The strike mandate is valid from June 25 to July 21.

The union estimates that its employees are paid as much as 42 per cent less than other federal employees who perform comparable tasks at the National Capital Commission and Parks Canada.

The main stumble block is salary, but the union also wants on-call employees to receive benefits and a pension plan.

"Our employer tells us it is ready to give us the Parks Canada salary scale, but is waiting for confirmation from the federal government," said Claudia Bellavance, a member of the bargaining team, in an interview with Canadian Press.

According to the Public Service Alliance of Canada, Canada Day activities on the Plains could be disrupted.

If the strike continues until the Québec City Summer Festival, which begins on July 4, repercussions will be limited since the festival is not organized by the NBC.

Employees of the Plains of Abraham are responsible for the reception, animation and general maintenance of the Plains of Abraham and its museum.

A three-and-a-half-day strike took place in May. The collective agreement for National Battlefields Commission employees has been overdue for a year and a half.