The PQ says it intends to form the next provincial government in 2022.

Interim party leader Pascal Berube, in an end-of-year interview with The Canadian Press, said he believes this is a real possibility. 

The party experienced a crushing defeat during this year's election, at the hands of the CAQ. The PQ dropped to 10 seats in the National Assembly - amassing only 700,000 votes - compared to the 30 seats and more than one million votes won in 2014. 

Berube refers to precedents to build on this hope. The Ontario NDP, for example, was propelled from second opposition status in 1990 to the eventual formation of a majority government led by Bob Rae, with 74 seats. 

Additionally, the CAQ - once a second opposition party - now holds the majority government with 75 seats. 

According to Berube, the party will be at a crossroads in 2019, with decisions to be made about its leadership and an upcoming convention. 

It'll be a period of reconstruction for the party, he added.