Two men who tried to rob a Park Extension jewelry store in 2013 ended up with much more than they bargained for - they were left severely disfigured after the staff fought back with pipes, sabres, and some highly corrosive acid. 

Richardson Francois and Jerry Theodore walked into the jewelry store on Jan. 22, 2013 and pulled out a firearm and a machete.

Instead the family in the store fought back with chairs, wrestled with Francois for the weapon, and one person hurled nitric acid, used for cleaning gold at the would-be thieves.

The staff eventually found safety in the back store as the two men try to exit the business., but discover they were  locked in because of the security system. 

The two eventually found the button that opens the door., but police picked up them a short time later. 

Multiple people were injured, the thieves were permanently scarred, and Francois lost half the vision in one eye.

The video, along with the surveillance video in another robbery, were presented during sentencing arguments for Francois in the robbery cases, and for his assault on another inmate at the Rivieres des Prairies detention centre.

Theodore pleaded guilty in 2014 and was sentenced to seven years for armed robbery, assault, and several other charges. 

Francois is currently asking the court to give him a more lenient sentence because, he argued, he has already suffered greatly because he's now scarred for life because of the acid thrown on his face. He will be sentenced later in June.