Two men are facing charges of illegally importing kosher wine.

Police and the SAQ seized 650 cases of kosher wine on Thursday at a the Young Israel Synagogue on Hillsdale Rd. in Cote des Neiges.

Montreal police said the wine was shipped to Montreal via ship, and that the importers did not have the necessary permits. They also said they were tipped off about the shipment in early April.

The SAQ is the only legal importer of wine and alcohol operating in Quebec.

“A wine for example here that we pay $18 is normally sold at $9.95 in the States or five Euros in Europe,” says Yves Mailloux, wine columnist with Huffington Post Quebec.

“It's like cigarettes if you were doubling the price tomorrow of the cigarettes you have more contraband with that product.”

The suspects are facing charges of importing wine and selling it without a permit.

Demand for kosher wine increases during Passover, which is taking place this week, as many Jews follow strict dietary restrictions.

Six years ago Montreal police seized more than 900 litres of wine from a synagogue in Outremont because the house of worship was buying wine in Ontario.