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'They killed him:' Family of Montreal man shot by police still seeking answers


The family of a 38-year-old man killed by Montreal police two months ago held a rally on Sunday to amplify their calls for answers.

Ronny Kay, a financial advisor from Nuns' Island in Montreal, was fatally shot during an SPVM intervention on Sept. 17.

His family is still questioning the circumstances surrounding his death.

"It was several cars of police. They killed him," sister Debola Kay tearfully told CTV News at the rally in Chinatown.

According to reporting from Le Devoir, Ronny was in a state of mental distress following a dispute with his ex-girlfriend.

He was shot when he allegedly refused to drop an item in his hand. A Sept. 17 report from Quebec's police watchdog (BEI) said the item may have been a firearm -- but two months later, his family still doesn't know for sure.

"It's not because someone is not collaborating with you that you need to shoot that person. That's the feeling I have: if you're not collaborating, they might end your life," said Debola.

The Kay family hired lawyer Virginie Dufresne-Lemire, who said the BEI's lack of transparency doesn't instill confidence in the process.

"This is how there is a breach of trust that is created," Dufresne-Lemire said. "And so that's why we need to work to create this trust, to work on this trust, so that when they receive the conclusion and inquiry [results], they will trust the result. But right now, this is not what's happening."  

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