MONTREAL -- Hamburgers and hockey are coming together in the most Canadian way, as Harvey’s and Bauer Hockey join forces to help curb the spread of COVID-19.

Harvey’s drive thru customers will now pay on machine attached to the end of a Bauer hockey stick to ensure an adequate distance between Harvey’s staff and customers.

Harvey’s also announced in a news release that a portion of drive-thru sales will go to Food Banks Canada during the pandemic.

"Only in Canada, would we use our iconic hockey sticks to ensure everyone stays safe at a physical distance while buying their Harvey's burgers," said David Colebrook, Chief Operating Officer, Harvey's Canada. "It's a creative and fun solution to a challenging issue. And it ensures we can keep feeding Canadians through our restaurants and food banks."

The hockey equipment manufacturer has already re-tooled operations to make medical face shields for nurses and others on the front line.

"We're all one team in combating COVID-19 and in helping to keep one another as safe as possible during this pandemic," said Mary-Kay Messier, VP of Global Marketing, Bauer Hockey. "We all wish our BAUER sticks could be used to snipe bar down right now, but until hockey re-starts we're glad to put our sticks to good use helping to protect Harvey's Associates and customers across Canada."