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'That is inexcusable': Montreal couple feels left in the dark after Air Canada flight cancelled, luggage lost


A couple says they've been left in the dark by Air Canada after their flight to California was cancelled, their luggage was lost, and they both missed out on a relative's wedding.

What was supposed to be a vacation for the Montreal couple quickly turned into a nightmare and now they want their money back.

"I don't know how to proceed from here. It's beyond heartbreaking," said Stuart Spunt.

Spunt and Caroline Reignier were supposed to fly to San Diego last Thursday for a family wedding, but their flight was delayed six times and then cancelled five hours after it was supposed to take off.

They say Air Canada told them it was due to a lack of planes and mechanics — but that's not all.

"They left us running around the airport for our bags. It took two-and-a-half hours to find out that our bags were actually sent to Miami," said Spunt.

And they say they have yet to receive any compensation or an apology from the airline.

"I've been crying for 3 days," said Caroline Reignier.

"For none of them to reach out to us, I don't understand that. We were so looking forward to this trip."

It was a trip that cost them $4,000 and they had been planning for three months to reunite with family they hadn't seen in years.

"I work full-time. I work every day. Caroline works every day and we haven't had a vacation in a while. It was a perfect opportunity," Spunt said. "Again, it's the family thing that's crushing."

They say it's frustrating to feel like they've been left in the dark.

"All bets are off with any kind of weather, I understand that. But to be treated like a human being is all I ever ask," he said.

Air Canada told CTV News in a statement that "airport operations were halted for safety reasons and air traffic control initiatives further affected flights."

Following these events, Air Canada’s focus was to get aircraft and crew back on track and get our customers on their way as soon as possible … we regret to hear about the delayed baggage and customers should continue to contact our baggage tracing teams for updates."

One expert on air passenger rights says the couple is eligible for compensation, but he says the bigger problem is that passengers weren't getting straightforward answers from the personnel.

"We understand weather. We can even understand human error by leaving baggage somewhere, it is still compensable. But failing to rebook the passengers on flights of other airlines if the airline cannot do it on its own, that is inexcusable," said Gabor Lukacs, president of the Air Passenger Rights advocacy group.

"That is a clear obligation under the law." Top Stories

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