MONTREAL -- Data from public health shows 30,000 high school students in Montreal have yet to receive the first dose of a COVID-19 vaccine, while others are flat out refusing to get it.

These are the latest findings in a report that oversees vaccination rates for every high school on the Island of Montreal. The vaccine is only available for those aged 12 and up.

At some schools, less than a quarter of the student body has been inoculated. With just a month to go before the start of the next academic year, officials say they're worried.

As of July 19, Marie-Claire Academy in Kirkland is boasting 100 per cent of its students have received at least one dose -- but that's just 18 students.

West Island College's English section is also reporting a high vaccination rate among students, with 92.5 per cent receiving at least one dose.

However, Yeshiva Academy states just 16 per cent of its students have received a first shot, while Mesivta School has just under 13 per cent and Belz Community High School's English section has 6.6 per cent.

Public health officials state they intend to contact thousands of students who have yet to be vaccinated to give them information and help them get an appointment if they want one.

They say they've already spoken to about 2,000 students, with 30 per cent wanting to be inoculated and 15 per cent saying they absolutely do not want the vaccine.

The Quebec government states that in order for things to go back to normal ahead of the upcoming academic year, it needs 75 per cent of students to be vaccinated.

Right now, in Montreal, just 19 per cent of people between the ages of 12 and 17 are fully vaccinated; province-wide that number is 26 per cent.

Public health says it plans on opening a vaccination clinic this weekend at La Ronde to encourage more young people to get their shot.