The STM will be running extra buses and metro trains for the summer of 2017 -- and allowing some passengers to board some buses via the rear doors at  some locations.

The public transit agency said that while many daily commuters will be on vacation, there will be an increase in demand from tourists who do not want to drive around the city.

To that end the STM has added an extra train during the morning and evening rush hours on the Green line, and two extra trains during those periods on the Orange line.

More trains will be running during non-peak hours on those lines and on the Blue line as well.

The STM said that adds up to more than 280 trips per weekday compared to last summer.

Transit improvements are also taking place on city streets.

Again, with an eye toward helping tourists, extra buses are being placed on the bus routes from downtown Montreal and heading to Trudeau Airport (747), Jean Drapeau Park (777) and the West Island (419).

The bus route from Jean Drapeau Metro station to La Ronde and Jean Doré beach will also get extra service.

Meanwhile the STM launched a new bus on Monday, June 19 that will run all summer between Snowdon Metro and the Mont Royal station across town in order to make it easier to get to Mount Royal Park and St. Joseph's Oratory.

Following a pilot project that took place on a limited number of routes, the STM is now allowing some passengers to board certain buses through any door.

The catch is that boarding at all doors can only take place:

  • on articulated buses parked at metro stations
  • if an individual has a weekly or monthly pass
  • between 5 a.m. and 7 p.m.

The list of buses where boarding at the rear is allowed, subject to these conditions, can be found here.

The STM said it's on track to add 100,000 hours of extra bus service in 2017.