Some people in St. Laurent borough are taking on one of Canada's largest telecommunications companies.

The neighbours are hoping to convince Rogers to rethink its plan to build a 20-metre-tall cell phone tower right in front of their homes.

Rogers says it needs cell phone towers to improve service to its customers.

But Charles Boberg, who lives on Poirier street, tells CTV's Derek Conlon that his view will be obstructed by the tower, if it's built.

"I'm surprised that they would even consider a site like this," he said.

"You have a 20-metre tower that's basically like a five or six storey building directly across the street from several single family homes."

Boberg and some of his neighbours recently took the issue to the local borough council. Borough mayor Alan Desousa was also surprised to hear of Rogers' plan.

"I would have hoped that they would (have) at least contacted the city and resolved some of the issues with the city before taking it to residents," said DeSousa.

The rules

Rogers is holding public consultations, but not everyone in the neighbourhood was advised.

I turns out that Industry Canada regulations only require telecoms to notify people who live within a radius that's three times the height of the tower.

That means they only have to send public-consultation notices to people who live within 60 meters of the St. Laurent site.


The borough and neighbours have few alternatives in mind, such as building the tower in a nearby corridor that currently has hydro towers and a commuter-rail line.


Rogers seems to be open to the alternatives.

"We're open to suggestions, for sure," said a Rogers spokeswoman.

"If there is a better area, we will make sure it's taken into consideration."

Public consultations end on Christmas Eve and residents are hoping their wishes will come true.