MONTREAL -- Police say speed may have been a factor when a motorcycle rider with no licence or registration crashed into a railing and flew over the side, causing him serious injuries. 

A trucker's dashcam caught a spectacular accident Wednesday evening in Montreal when a man driving a motorcycle crashed into the side wall of the Highway 40 off ramp leading to Decarie Blvd. and fell to the ground below.

According to Quebec provincial police Sgt. Claude Denis, the driver suffered serious but not life-threatening injuries and was transported to the hospital.  

Rob Nugent was driving his truck around 6 p.m. and exiting off Highway 40 onto Highway 15 south when his camera caught a yellow motorbike pass him and crash into the concrete side barrier, hurling the rider over the edge. 

"I was just amazed. Usually if I see something like that, it's far ahead or it's on the other side of the road," said Nugent. "For this to happen directly in front of me, it's just whoa."

Nugent was able to flag down a Surete du Quebec officer moments after the crash.

"If I didn't stop, I knew that guy was probably not going to get found, at least right away," he said. 

In Repentigny, a town about 45 kilometres north east of Montreal, a motorcyclist died last week after being involved in an incident police believe was caused by excessive speed.

Over the past few weeks, several reports of excessive speed have surfaced in the Montreal region -- dozens of drivers have been caught going well over the speed limit, often resulting in them losing their licence and having their vehicle seized for a number of days. 

"Because there are less vehicles on the road now, it might seem like there are more speeding cases than usual, but we don’t know for sure," Quebec's provincial police force told CTV News last week. Statistics are not currently available to compare the number of incidents during this period to the same time last year.