MONTREAL - A south shore woman is in an induced coma and has her face covered in bandages after having corrosive acid thrown in her face.

More than 4,000 messages of support on Facebook have been posted in sympathy of Tanya St. Arnauld.

The 29-year-old St-Arnauld remains in hospital with burns to her body.

Longueuil pollce arrested her boyfriend Nikolas Stefanatos shortly after the Sunday morning attack.

One neighbour described the quarrel.

"It was late at night, I heard some shouting, as I had heard before, and then, .it came a little harder and I called 911," said Pierre Jutras.

He said that Stefanatos was a noisy person. "He was loud," said Jutras. "He would be on his balcony taking loud late at night.

Stefanatos appeared in court Monday and was charged with aggravated assault.

The incident reportedly occurred after the couple, who had been dating since about March, got into a quarrel in a kitchen in which such items as mustard and ketchup were sprayed. 

St-Arnauld then left and returned when she believed things had calmed, only to be splashed with the vitriolic liquid which burned through her skin.

St-Arnauld remains in the burn unit with burns to her chest and face and has lost all of her hair. 

If she dies, the accused will likely face murder charges.

-With a file from The Canadian Press