MONTREAL -- It's been a rough year for most of us, but Montreal's Shriners Hospital is lifting spirits by spreading word about one of its most inspiring patients.

After she was born with severe scoliosis, Emma Corbett's parents didn't know if she'd ever walk or even crawl. But her mom, Cari Friedman, said the care Emma received at the Shriners-- particularly from orthopedic surgeon Neil Saran -- filled the family with confidence.

“He said 'Listen, we'll get through this together.' When I left, I turned to my husband and said 'It's going to be okay,'” said Friedman. “Whatever challenges we have, we're going to face them.”

With their care, Emma's prognosis improved to the point she asked her parents for a bicycle this past summer. Despite some initial fears, Emma was soon pedaling herself around.

“I lost sleep over it, she's never going to be able to ride a bicycle, her balance isn't there,” said Friedman. “We bought her the bike, she got on the bike, it took her 10 minutes and she was off.”

Emma has become such a star at the Shriners that they've made a commercial about her story. With her seventh birthday coming up in two weeks, Emma said she doesn't want gifts: she just wants people to donate to the hospital, so they can continue helping other children like her.