The coroner’s office has informed the family of Naima Rharouity, killed last week in an incident at the Fabre metro station, that she died of severe brain trauma.

But they could shed no light how she suffered such a grievous injury, only saying it was an accident.

It has been a week of agony for her husband Cherkoui El Hanana, who has been struggling to understand what happened.

“I want to know the events. They considered it an accident. What happened that it ended in a death?” he asked.

“I just want the truth, the entire truth.”

Initial police reports indicated Rharouity was strangled to death when her scarf became caught in the escalator. Later police added her hair and hijab were also caught.

The coroner’s office would not comment on the preliminary findings, but said it will release an official report in the coming months.

That report is expected to have more details about how Rharouity was killed.

“We were expecting more information. It’s not enough,” said Abderrahim Faris, the husband's cousin.

The family will travel to Morocco Thursday for the funeral.

Her husband said Rharouity had the right to be safe, and that he hopes that the truth will eventually come out.

“She shouldn’t die twice,” he said.

"What I mean by that is that the truth should not be hidden. . . . Everyone should know the cause of death.”