Gerald Matticks, a drug trafficker known as the king of the Montreal ports was denied parole at a hearing on Thursday.

The National Parole Board says Matticks continues to deny that the notorious West End Gang even exists, let alone that he's a top leader with the gang.

Matticks, 69, is behind bars for drug importation, and he will now have to wait another two years before he can ask for another parole hearing.

But it might not be necessary - Matticks will be eligible for release in nine months after serving two-thirds of his sentence.

Denies gang links

Matticks and his son Donald, both of whom worked at the Port of Montreal, were arrested and charged with importing 40,000 kilos of hashish and 265 kilograms of cocaine over an 18-month period.

The street value of the drugs was $2.1 billion.

But the elder Matticks says he has never been anything other than a container delivery man at the port and he doesn't think he has any problems to address.

Previous federal reports have concluded that a number of gang members work at the port, controlling the waterfront for illicit activity.