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Quebecers say they would vote for PQ in yet another poll


Quebec premier admits that some of his decisions are not going down well

Premier François Legault attributes his Coalition Avenir Québec's (CAQ) dizzying fall in the opinion polls to three unpopular decisions, including the 30 per cent pay hike for MNAs.

At an impromptu press conference at the national assembly, he commented on the Léger poll released on Wednesday, the second in the past two weeks, which suggests that the Parti Québécois (QS) now has more support than the CAQ.

The poll, conducted for Québecor media by Léger, shows that if an election had been held a few days ago, the PQ would have won 31 per cent of the popular vote, compared with 25 per cent for the CAQ.

Québec solidaire (QS) was in third place with 17 per cent of support, ahead of the Quebec Liberal Party (PLQ) at 14 per cent and the Quebec Conservative Party (PCQ) at 11 per cent.

Two weeks ago, a Pallas Data survey conducted for L'Actualité gave the PQ 30 per cent of the vote, compared with 24 per cent for the Coalition Avenir Québec.

The Léger survey found that 63 per cent of respondents were dissatisfied with Premier François Legault's government.

Issues raised include the inability to improve the health and education systems, the 30 per cent salary increase for members of the National Assembly and the multi-million-dollar subsidy given to the Los Angeles Kings to play preparatory games in Quebec City next season over the Montreal Canadiens, who offered to play the games for free.

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According to 28 per cent of those polled, PQ Leader Paul St-Pierre Plamondon would make the best premier of Quebec, compared to 19 per cent who supported François Legault.

However, Léger notes that support for the PQ is fragile because its sovereignty project is stagnant at 34 per cent.

Additionally, 47 per cent of respondents want Quebec to sign the 1982 Canadian Constitution and become a province like the others.

The poll was conducted among 1,040 Quebecers between Dec. 1 and 4.

-- This report by The Canadian Press was first published in French on Dec. 6, 2023. Top Stories

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